Get to know, how does lotto work and Who can play?

I want to help people to obtain financial stability and pay off the loan amount in the UK. We do have to work really hard to earn money for living in the UK and other Countries. We also have a shortcut to earn a big amount by playing UK Lottery or Irish Lottery or any other lottery. All you need to purchase a lottery ticket from Lotto Agent Site. Lottery tickets are at a very low cost so anyone can purchase a ticket and can try their luck in the Lottery. This article will help you to make the process easy and hopefully you will get all the lottery-related answers here.

I am going to cover these following points in this article.

First UK National Lottery

National Lottery is available since 1567 with the permission of Queen Elizabeth 1. It was started to collect funds for noble and development works. The prize for the first lottery was £5K. That amount was a huge amount that time and the ticket price was just 10 shillings for that.

The national lottery is now known as Lotto. The first Jackpot was drawn on 19th November 1994 and it had a £7 million Jackpot prize? The chances of picking the six lottery winning lottery numbers from 49 balls were 1 in 14 million.

Can you play UK National Lottery?

People aged over 16 years and resident of the UK are allowed to play the UK National Lottery. UK National lottery proposes weekly EuroMillions UK Lottery which has even bigger prizes.

What you will do after winning a Jackpot?

UK Lottery winning numbers (Favorite Numbers)

There is always a dispute over having usual pre-selected numbers for lottery draws. Experts caution that having such favorite numbers can produce two difficulties.

Firstly, it produces a worry that not joining the draw could end in dropping out a chance of a big win. This might be an issue for a person who is struggling with their individual finances and he could have a risk of going into debt to evade the possibility of craving a win, instead of being cautious.

Secondly, Having "favorite" numbers is that if somehow you missed a chance to enter a draw and your numbers open up as winning lottery numbers then you will feel like a hell in your life.

Expiration of UK National Lottery Ticket.

Yes, There is 180 days of time span before getting expired. 180 days is really enough time for any winner to claim their prize. In any case, if a person failed to claim their prize then that amount will be added to the project fund of National Lottery.

Unclaimed Prize Amount

Taxes on lottery winning prize amount.

HMRC is the tax authority in the UK and it does not employ taxes on UK lottery winnings. This can be varied to lotteries on some other nations where taxes must be applied and paid on winning prizes.

Odds of winning a UK Lotto Jackpot

Anonymity of a lottery winner

Anonymity is not guaranteed. But if you take care of everything properly then you remain anonymous. The National Lottery executives give you help and guidance to winners on how they can handle their money and evade any problems. Winners always need to be careful about the change in lifestyle, That may lead your identity to be public.

Do not do any unwise investments that cause you to lose your money. To live anonymously, you need to be careful while investing your money. You should need to use privacy protection policies to maintain your privacy.

Don't go crazy after winning

You may lose your money in many ways. Some winners go crazy after winning a lottery and they spend without any care. The most famous case when a woman from Castleford named Viv Nicholson to go broke after a prize win. Her husband won £152K. She said to media personals "Spend Spend Spend" when her husband won that prize. That happened in 1961 so £152K worth now over £3 million. This prize was won on football pools but not in Lottery. She spent all that money without any sense and later they had a chaotic life.

So don't go wild after winning.

How UK Lotto Lottery can change your life?

Just forget about the bad stories, There are lots of beautiful stories of big winners who had beautiful happenings after a big win. Around 4K people got millions since the UK National Lottery started.

Some winners invested their money in good businesses, Some continued to live their dreams. And few people shared their knowledge and experience to others to help them in their investments.

Did I won a UK Lotto Jackpot

Taking loan to buy a ticket is Good or Bad?

Taking a loan to play gamble is really a bad idea. Taking a loan is fine if you are purchasing a car, house or for study, But not recommended to play a gamble. Instant short term loans in the UK is an overpriced option, So you should buy a ticket if you can afford it. Still, if you need quick money then you can borrow money from your relatives and family members, that is the cheapest option available for you. Payday loans can also be taken but take it only if you can repay it within the required time.

There are risks involved in playing the National Lottery.

Of course, There is a risk involved because you will not win each and every time. The possibility of winning a Jackpot is 1 in 45 million. And for other prizes, you can check odds of winning page.

Don't get addicted to it. If you don't have money which you can't afford to lose then please don't get into this gamble.