Check- how to play, odds of winning and prize claim

Lotto is the earliest National Lottery game, fascinating thousands of UK gamers every week since. Hundred of Millions have already been distributed in prizes and also funded for charitable causes over the country.

Game Draws are taken place on Saturday and Wednesday evenings. And it proposes six distinct ways to win. The jackpot can be won only in 5 rollovers.

UK Lotto Results

UK Lotto Lottery results are available immediately here after each draw take place on each Wednesday and Saturday. Keep an eye on our site and on your numbers, You may have a big lucky day.

How To Play Lotto

You have to pick any six numbers between 1 to 59. To play Lotto you must pick six numbers from 1 to 59. Check out details about the choices available and create your possibility to win big.

Odds to win possibility

Check out how many matches you should need to win Lotto Lottery, And possibility of winning the Jackpot and other prizes. Here we have all the details about possibilities to challenge your luck.

Bonus Ball

Bonus ball increases the chance of winnning more. If you matched 5 numbers and your 6th number matched with the bonus ball then you win "Match 5 + Bonus". Find why no bonus ball on my ticket?

How to claim your prize

Whether played online or at a store, won £1 million or £10 million, we will guide you to claim your winning prize as promptly and as comfortable as possible. Check out all the information available here.